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yokohama advan sport a/s
yokohama tires review

Yokohama advan sport a s review

yokohama tyres

I just got some new tires they are the Yokohama Advan a s sports. Wow, I think I hit puberty, but they’re the Yokohama Advan AS. all-season tires, and I got him in size c2 3540 19’s. The previous tires that I had on this car. Were the Continental extreme contact DWS, oh six is, and 245 3519? so a little bit different on the size that I decide to get for this winter, the Continentals . were the best tire I have had on the car on my mark seven GTI 2017. I have a manual GTI, and it’s also is 38 with a custom tube through Frank Mabo, .so it has a lot of torque, and it comes on pretty hard, but those Continental DWS Oh sixes they did well in the snow. Last winter, I debated whether to get them for this winter or not, but the discount tire guy recommended me to get these tires. They won’t be as good and in the winter’s snowy conditions, but they’ll be better in the dry, .so I decide to get these because these Yokohama tires because we’re about 100 bucks cheaper for all four tires compared to the Continental DWS low 60s and the DWS low 60s. They weren’t perfect in the summertime; they didn’t only last like twenty-five thousand miles. So I got a good warranty proration on them, but they just don’t they didn’t all only lasted one year. So I was thinking of getting something with a little harder compound for the summer. So to handle a bit better and something that will do decent in the snowy winter conditions here in Utah. So I decided on these tires because I heard they were, you know, worthy in the winter .so I’m doing this review about these tires today right now because it’s snowing pretty dang hard. I’m just going to go around and make a make video showing how they handle the snow right now. Alright, here we go; we are driving in the snow right now; it’s about, I’d probably say, about an inch or two on the ground of fresh snow right now. I’m in first gear, and it’s honestly doing well. They’re not as good as the Yokohama’s; they don’t feel like they grip as well in this fresh snow. Then the Yokohama DW so6 is due, and braking I have to be a lot more careful with the braking. Because these will lock up fast, and they will slide a lot more quickly than the Yokohama’s, so taking off right now and this slushy snow and going pretty good. I’m going about 20 miles an hour right now, and they drive good it’s predictable, which is lovely. I can predict where the car is going to point me at slowing down right now. It’s sliding a little bit, just pumping my brakes just barely but that’s the nice thing is, I can predict how the tires will go to work. I had Michelin pilots for s3 pluses on this car one winter, and by far as its all-season tire, those tires are the best in the summertime in the dry conditions. It handled they handled right. Almost as good as my pilot super sports, I am not exaggerating there are perfect tires in the dry, but when it comes to tires in the snow. Those Michelin Pilot Sport, yes, three pluses did not do well; they were sketchy, they were very unpredictable, just going around a corner in conditions like this at 20 miles an hour. I’d be all over the place they didn’t knock the rim as well as as the reviews say online, so it was immediately then. When I knew I needed to go to a different fall season tire setup. I went to the Continentals last year loved him in the winter didn’t love them in summer. They were okay, but now I’m trying out these Yokohama’s; you’re doing good. Like, I’m in third gear right now, going 35 miles an hour, I’m hitting 40, I’m going to give us some gas don’t want slippage on this stuff right here. I mean, the roads are pretty ploughed, as you can see; they’re pretty decent. The ploughs are pretty good here in Utah, and you a decent job, but if you have crappy tires, .it doesn’t feel like they did an excellent job, so it’s all the tires. I want to say that these here comes from stopping. I was going about 40 there put it on my brakes here coming to thrive stop sign giving me some room to stop open that the people behind me do the same, so yeah, this little slippage right there, but it’s predictable.

Yokohama advan sport a/s review

I can feel where the car is slipping, I can let off the gas, and it will grip, and I can think that .the vehicle will get grit. It’s just predictable these tires are right. They’re not as good as Yokohama‘s, like I said. I mean, they’re not sorry they’re not as good as the Continentals like. I said before, but these are predictable enough to drive in these conditions and, so I would you know honestly. I think these feel better in the summer, and they’re not as good as the Continentals in the winter but not by far. I honestly think I might keep going with these tires because they’re cheaper than the continent. They’re probably going to last longer because they have a little bit of our harder compound, and the Continentals did or do, and yeah, they’re good enough to drive in the winter. So I will write another review. I’ll go into a parking lot and where there haven’t been any ploughs yet, and right now, I’m on the freeway, and it’s pretty slushy, pretty icy. I’m going about 40 43 miles an hour right now, probably going to slow down. I’m taking this odd ramp, and it’s pretty slushy out here to take my traction control off fully .so that I get more grip grips into the snow. I’m taking this right here cars handling pretty good. I mean, as long as you keep a pace where you’re very comfortable with that, you know the car is going to be predictable. I mean, if I were going 70 right now, I’d be out of control, but under 40 miles an hour right here, and it’s doing well, these tires are going to no complaints. I will have no complaints about being confident enough to take this car up this mark 7 GTI up to the canyon through the canyon. So I can go snow along it snowboarding or ski biking as which I’m what. I’m going to a resort. I have full confidence that this car will pick it up the canyon roads no problem. Here, we are a little down, don’t smoke, break turn about 40 miles an hour cars are doing good, like all right roads are a bit icy ER right now, as you can tell, and so far, Yokohama Advan yes is doing okay. They’re doing pretty good like I can. I can keep going, and I’ve been on a couple of mild little uphills. I’m starting in, first, it slips a little bit, but when it catches, you’ll go up to up to a yellow light here as everybody in Utah runs red lights as you can see right there, everybody in Utah runs red lights. I don’t know how many people I’ve seen running red lights today. It’s like you do realize it’s snowing outside. You’re running a red light like insanely running .we’re like I just saw a guy in a four-wheel truck towing a trailer, and their light was probably red for a good four or five seconds, and he didn’t even try to stop; he just kept on going it’s a Utah thing super annoying.

Yokohama advan sport a/s

Anyways get back to this video about these tires’ perfect tires as far as all seasons go performance all seasons. I would recommend them if you’re not the type to get winter tires specifically and summer tires specifically. I recommend these tires if you’re looking for a performance all-season tire and you live in winter conditions. There are better tires up there for all season for summer, but as far as the winter, I would rate these, you know, if it was out of ten. I would place these probably a seven out of ten six or seven out of ten meters six and a half. I’d rate the Continental DWS Oh, sixes a good eight like those are good. I never had a single issue with those tires, and I never thought once. That I was never going to make a stop make it up a hill make it through the snow. They were outstanding in the snow, but you do sacrifice a little bit of summer performance with them .so yes, I recommend these tires for those looking for one tire all around tired if you live in snowy condition for the winter yeah recommend them.

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