Victory tailgate review 2021 Unboxing & Review

victory tailgate REVIEW

Victory tailgate cornhole Unboxing & Review

Hello, welcome to a new blog. today’s going to be something a little bit different as you can tell Victory tailgate. This isn’t my basement game room bar. that I’m filming in uh today um I’m filming in my living room the reason being is because there’s this heavy ass box that we’re about to unpack. that is too big to take downstairs to film, so I’m also using my smartphone to do the filming and eventually go outside, but as it’s packed. it’s too heavy to take outside, and uh, it’s really. it’s hot as outside. so this is what I’m going to be uh doing today. We are going to be unboxing our cornhole set or beanbag toss. whatever you want to call it, so let’s uh, let’s take a look at it.

victory tailgate REVIEW

Victory tailgate boards too slick

so I decided to um I had to purchase this because I had one I’ve had one for probably a good solid ten years, and it recently got damaged um and around. I live, cornhole or beanbag toss is like a big thing to do during the summer, uh with friends family. when you’re, you know, unfortunately, you can’t do it now, but when you’re tailgating at uh at sporting events out in the parking lot. so I needed to get a new one, so I wanted to make sure that I went somewhere where they custom-made them and made them in the USA. so say hi to the doggy jack; he doesn’t care. so anyway, there he is now he does kind of maybe a little delayed because he’s a little deaf .so we go these are regulation size let’s see what they look like, all right. so I got the box open, and uh, the tape was pretty heavy-duty. It’s packed well. so let’s get down here see what’s going on now. I opted for this bag for the bags. it’s a nice bag so and these bags. I don’t think that they filled with the corn. I think they’re filled with plastic beads. They’re nice, and they’re nice and weighty. I want to call myself a master at playing cornhole, but I’m usually more often than not.

All american tailgate games

when I’m playing with uh somebody, we usually end up winning more often than not all the time, so I can’t say that I’m that good. I guess a professional tosser probably doesn’t stand a chance but all right. so yeah, these are pretty nice, pretty sturdy. Um, stitching looks perfect look like. it’s hand-stitched. See if I can, kind of. It looks like its hand stitch doesn’t look like it. I don’t know. Maybe it is machine stitched, no, but the stitching looks nice. I mean, I don’t see these busting open or anything which has happened to me in the past. so had the last set I had was sports-themed. These are not sports-themed colorado-themed. These are a lot more um damn that looks nice sorry, I’m speechless how nice that looks. I’ve never had anything custom-made. it’s usually the ones I’ve had that have been mass manufactured. let’s take a look at this quality review here. Legs come out sturdy on the legs. I’m going to pop it down here. These are heavy. I will say this I’m going to have a hard time moving these things from place to place. like I usually do, they are monstrous holy moly; I’ve never had a regulation size I usually have; you know they got the regulation size. This is the first time I’m getting there, and then they have like the recreation size, which is what most people play on um in fact, like the recreation-sized ones, you can typically get like a carrying bag for them.I don’t think I could put these in a bag. I’m going to have to carry this one by one unless. I get unless they have a bag, maybe for each of them to go into uh but yeah, like I’m I don’t think. I’m even going to store these in my garage. That’s how the last ones got damaged, some snowmelt uh this last this past thaw. I got into the garage for the first time, and even though they’re in a bag, they got ruined. so get the other one out. These things are monsters, nice woodwork, nice craftsmanship all around = these were worth it. the money, and because they’re custom, you know they took it took a while. I ordered these just came the day before this filming. so yesterday and I think it had been almost three weeks since I ordered them. I was almost actually getting concerned that I wouldn’t get them in time for an event coming up, but I do have them. so now I’m going to indoors, toss some bags on them, not from a regulation distance but toss them bags around. so if I remember correctly, they provided the bag colors based upon the board. It’s honestly hard to remember because I did shop around, including American cornhole, which their stuff is kind of like a la carte. so once you start building your set, it tends to get very expensive.

Utopian tailgate VICTORY

So victory tailgate was still expensive but a lot more reasonable.So they gave me that they like red and yellow bags. So I’m not very far from the board at all, and I’m trying to do this one-handed I mean, you’re supposed to fill them one-handed anyway, but you know on my other hand. I’m trying to watch the film camera, so wow, three points, three points for being on the board, but uh didn’t get any in the hole. There we go, one fell in to say hi doggy there he is okay let’s try three more here since I didn’t want to get the other ones, but these things are monstrous to lift these boards. Maybe I should not do this through the phone screen. I’ll pay attention to the board well now. It’s closer got. The thing is, too is I got to get used to playing on a regulation board because, like the boards that I usually play on, if I’ll be using this at everybody’s got um the recreation boards, and they like practically come down. This is probably like a quarter of the height on the recreation board, .so it’s something that I am going to have to get used to, but I am impressed with the quality of these board’s victory tailgate. It’s nice and smooth, yeah. So if you’re in the market for a corn hole set or beanbag toss, whatever you want to call it. I think victory tailgate is very reasonably priced, for what you get for a regulation size board. They also have uh recreation boards; they’re going to be cheaper, so yeah, but maybe I should have probably done the recreational size boards because it’s going to be a to have to lug these things around unless. I can find a case for each of these because they both definitely won’t go in a case like the recreation ones, so all right. so that’s going to do it for today
I just thought we’d do something a little different today, different types of games since I’m all about fun and gaming and stuff like that.

Victory tailgate cornhole

So cornhole beanbag toss. If you haven’t done it, watch some videos on it. It’s an enjoyable recreational event to do uh with friends and family. You can kind of stay socially distanced right now when you play it, .only because I mean, there’s going to be somebody right on there instead of boarding you. Still, the other two people are like down on the other side of the lawn or wherever you’re playing it driveway um, and it’s just it’s a good thing to do uh to pass some time.

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