Skim a round reviews

This will be a review of the new skim a round uh all-in-one I got the pro version here, um, so I’m going to do an install. I don’t think I have to do an unboxing. I guess we don’t all know how to open boxes, and if we don’t, we shouldn’t be trying to put one of these together in the first place. So with all the parts laid out before I get to the new one, I am a customer of theirs for two years uh with the old skim around, maybe some of you haven’t seen because you’re new uh to what they do the old one is currently in there, and it is uh quite a bit different.

The new one that they’ve come out with the old one for two years has worked great. There are a few little hiccups that I’ll show you but others, but you can see for the most part. The effect that it has on the water can change it this way so that there’s no effect. It kind of floats a little bit, but as soon as you give it. A smaller area for the water to come in then you get the swirling effect or the Bernoulli. If they want to call it that so that one’s worked well, the old one was attached is quite a bit different to the new ones that are the old ones, and you can see that via two screws. Those are tightened down it attaches to the basket. That’s how you used to adjust it. The new one doesn’t work this way, but I encountered the problem if the screw gets too tight and it’s from being sucked down. It will cause a hole in the bottom basket, which is not what you want because big particles can then get down there and into your pump. I tend to do the pool myself but our pool guys because this is a saltwater pool.

Skim-a-round reviews

Skim a round reviews

I tend to come in and like to go with this and play with it, and they’ve ended up tightening. This one down that was a new basket put on. So I check the website to see what they’re offering now, and the other thing with this one too. When you try and screw this down, it takes like five minutes for each screw because there are so many threads to wind it down to get a good snug fit, but as I said, it worked well, and that’s why I bought the new one, so that’s the old one. So the new one now what do we have we have a basket that they supply we have the three discs depending on the size of the skimmer basket holder in there we have what they call the low flow accelerator which i’m going to put in because i always found that our pool has soft foam so to start we take this and we put it in the bottom here and it has little legs that have to snap into place as i said i’m not employed by them so then it’s not this video won’t be as polished as what they do but i can get it together okay so you can see here the legs are in place that’s not moving so that’s step one step two or however whatever you want to do it in is you have to figure out which ring will fit in there so that the uh the basket doesn’t sink totally to the bottom and you could have a good fit so this is the smallest one labeled a you can see that that fits in there so there’s no possible way that’ll be it this is barely makes it but you can see still that that it does fit right into the hole which isn’t good so that only leaves.

So this is the one that i am going to use and they say to get high flow on this or maximum flow you have to put it between the two bottom dots and there’s one two three four so snap this into place one two three and four so they’re all snapped into place just over the bottom drop which is high flow you can always adjust it after if you find it’s too much depending on your pool but that’s that setup if i wasn’t going to use the sock all that to do now is to stick it on but i am going to put the hose in as well i keep clean the pool filter today as per their instructions and i will put the clarifier pill in after put the sock in it goes into the basket like so and then you just kind of put it over the rim like this so that’s the socket in place and now what’s left is just put the basket together and that only clips on over top well it’s supposed to don’t push it from the accelerator disc or you pop that right back out like i just did okay so again that’s him and then you pop this into place supposedly over the basket which does make quit quite a tight seal now because this cloth is on it.

skim around reviews

Skim around basket

Let’s see if I can fix this up always works so well when you watch them put things together when they manufacture these, but it’s tight with this sock on for me anyway, okay, so that’s on the excellent and compressed hose in maximum. So let’s see how this works to get it into my skimmer box. There are little ledges that I have to get it by. So I have found that even in the past to just, kind of a bit of firm push jiggle it around a bit until it goes in. Now they also say that you have to wait a few minutes for the Bernoulli effect, but within a second of being put in, there’s the veneer effect. You can see how well it tends to work. The only thing that I’m going to be concerned about at nighttime is when the pool pump stops.

It’s supposed to float up keep all the particles trapped when it’s sucked back down will it make that tight fit or do i have to come out every morning just make sure it’s sitting correctly on the base because our base isn’t entirely flat all the way around but if i have to do that and it saves me cleaning the pool pump more then it’s a small price to play as far as i’m concerned so as you can see guys that have problems with installing this they can’t get the venturi or bernoulli effect to work i i don’t know why because this product came last night at about 6 p.m i had a look at it and i put it together today and that’s how easy it is to install as i said it always worked well um with the rains we get in sunny florida uh it can change the level of the pool quite a bit so that’s something else to see how it works but anyway that’s the new skim a round pro the only thing i haven’t done is put the uh cool clarifier pill in so um that’s to be determined what this does and how it works the pool is pretty clean as you can see right now uh in florida we have a pool cage over our pool to stop the bugs but little gnats as we call them i tend to fly in and some nights uh you can see your entire top of your pool uh covered with mats but again this takes them out no problem and it will stop them going into the pool filter uh i could then clean it directly from this little sock that i put in anyway as far as i can see right now it’s a bonus it works well any questions just send me a text to Here.

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