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Tretinoin cream refissa review  

refissa cream

Hello everyone, so I wanted to give you a monthly update I had purchased a tretinoin cream refissa. I purchased the 20 grams um. I purchased the smaller tooth because I didn’t know how my skin would date anyone I have what the larger one. I wasted my money, but the next time. I purchased several purchases a larger one, so excuses me refissa is more for dry your skin there’s your Obagi tretinoin. Then there’s were fastened, and Rafael is a little more emollient, and so that’s the difference between this, so I purchased mine off a premier look and sharing Capehart my adore she pushed me over the edge.

Tretinoin prescription online

 I think it was Memorial Day weekend he stumbled upon her channel, and I was lying has she been like we have. I think never white where she’s been I’m like how come I don’t know huh you know, and she loves the premier look, and I so ever wait for Sharon’s shadow. I will wait premier look at their website, and I will also link Brianna Stanko. She’s affiliated with that and works with, and you can get 15% off, but if you want to sign up for the emails, you wind up getting a link. I think I just got an email about 23 so yeah you know, and a lot of times it’s on the full site or sometimes just on specific products and Sharon turned me on to the site. She’s into the medical-grade skincare. So I thought well you know no time then let me get 15% off I think this tube was like 74 dollars after the disc and it came very quickly. So I started it on January 1st so I knew that with Rhett now you need to can’t use it every day you have to build up slowly, so I’ve been using it a month. It’s beginning of July, and so far I have noticed obviously dry patches you know that’s without it’s out a little killing dry patches, but nothing that a little my Amore Pacific peel the enzyme killed at a piece of news or Clarisonic which I use. Maybe once anyway we’ll take off the little bit of flaking I also was speaking to Mary Ellen sensational 60 she reminded me why don’t you use the sway lean yeah my brain doesn’t work anyway so I am using this on Sundays and Thursdays so when I first put it on It was like I don’t know I didn’t know how it was gonna feel because I’ve used glycolic peels. I know like that work what it would be like, and it’s like putting, and I use a very small pea-sized. I’m not gonna take any out. Still, you can see it’s like a cream, and I use I would say even less than a pea-sized was it does spread onto the skin. Still, it’s thick let it remind you of like a thick lotion this one anyway so you know I try to stay away from my eyes and around my mouth but I have noticed peeling on my nose. I don’t put it here, but you know some dry patches, so I use this way, so I’ve changed my skincare up I actually changed it up before I started using this.

Tretinoin before and after

So I will eventually do an updated skincare routine because I have changed it and anyway so the difference in my skin in a month. I would say obviously it’s become drier you know more dry patches more flakiness, so then 1 day I got out of the shower, and I noticed that after I use the Laurie missive Akhil even before this you know when I was done. I can see it’s like what it did so you know I can’t look at it would be like. I see him with little shiny well the one day I got out of the shower, and I hadn’t done it. I just washed my face with this air bay for dry skin and when I got in the shower. I was like like I was so amazed because when I went like this, I can see like here seem Shanee, so you know like other than that. I don’t really obviously it’s only been a month you know I don’t have these great expectations that are you know my skin is my animal is gonna be like a mirage an amazing mom. I keep it real myself, so you know I’m looking forward to you knowing everyone to see if there were any changes or any difference or if for some reason. If I need to stop I will also do a video let me know about that too, but you know so far like I said dry your skin that is to be with any great product you know it’s just a matter of really trying to my squalene oil I also purchased a rosehip oil which then about a month or so L to renew or not I just got it so I can’t really say. Still, it’s really it’s weird it’s different but yeah so um that’s so far is my experience with the refissa any questions or comments please leave them below here, and I will get back to you.

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