primewell valera h t review 2021 | Really good or bad?

primewell tires review

Primewell valera h/t review

primewell valera h t review

I just bought this crime well primewell tire. The ps90 touring and the tread wear is let me show you guys. Hopefully, you guys can see it’s sunny out here. I have it in my trunk .the Treadway is 580, and this is the size 215 55:17 because my tire size the 17-inch. I love doing how the treading look right tire. I bought it at a tire, plus actually, he came to 100 bucks. Because they put it on the rim and everything in the balance and the fees and the taxes everything they charge but all stay. I think they get it in the other tire that I bought at tire Walmart. This is the dog list, and they’re better than the Douglas tires. Because the Douglas tie wears out, support makes them alas just because I rotate like every like 10,000 miles. I would change all the two times from the front and put them in the back cause my car is a front-wheel drive. I want to give you guys a better look at the tread try to wear. How it looks, it’s excellent guys brand new prime well as I said well it’s 2:15 5517.

primewell valera h t review

Show you guys the receipt of it. I bought it. It uh more than a tire plus, and as I said, the treadwear for the prime well is 540, and the Douglas that I had Treadway is like 4 for 20. so I know many people say Robbie is rubber, but that’s not that is true. Robbie is rubber, but inevitable, on tires, they take a long time to wear out mostly. If the tread wear is just how I did the way to make the tires the tread wears the Treadway, it takes a long time to eat up the tire. If it’s less, the tire will eat up real fast, mostly highway miles. So as I said about this attire Plus and is a prime right tire, excellent well PS 890 touring, which has 5 540 tread wear and so far so good. I bought it before I used it before, so I know it lasts a long time, and as I said, this is teaching you guys. If you want your tires to last longer, you have to rotate your tires, especially if you have a front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive. If it’s an all-wheel drive is it doesn’t make any sense unless.

primewell valera sport as

If you bought all four tires brand new, it doesn’t make any sense because once it’s all-wheel drive, all the powers are coming from all wheels to move the vehicle. It’ll make no sense for no rotation, but if you have a front-wheel-drive car or real. Wheel drive vehicle is I recommend you guys to rotate them every I turn, much like every 10,000 miles. It could be less. You could do it like around 6,000 miles. Every – oil change you could do depends on your driving style because your tires will eat up, and make sure you look for the tread. The Treadway is basically on the tire. It tells you, if it’s more than 540 or more than 420, that means this is good. It’s OK; that’s why they have different brands to tire, and what the tire is capable of all tires is not the same sometimes. It’s good to be in the snow sometimes. It’s just run bad sometimes. So I mean, do you guys homework? Thank you guys for reading; please check our more tire reviews. Once again and tired that I have is prime well, you guys could check it out my tire size is 215 54 5 or 17. thank you, guys. The total came to like one got a discount came to 173 bucks. So not bad at all; the guy said all original price it would have been like 117 with everything with the installation and the balance and everything. He did it, and he broke it down to 173. so not bad at all. Thank you guys once again for primewell review reading hope you guys enjoy it. Your Memorial weekend stays blessed stay safe enjoy yourself with your friends and families, peace out bye-bye.

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