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kenda car tires
kenda tires

Kenda klever a/t review

kenda car tires
kenda tires

Hey, what’s up, guys? Today I’m going to give you a little review of my Kenda Klevers that I had on this truck. Before I got these Kelly edge tires, this tire, the Kenda Klever, is Kelly eggs. They’re both very similar price range I believe. I that these were 72 and the edges are I got soap opera on this side can’t be the advantages are like 78. so there’s like three bucks per tire difference not too much and for the money. So far, these edges are a hell of a lot better tire, so basically, let’s go you the rundown. I’ll click put these tires on at a hundred and ninety-six five on this truck took them off at two whole to o95. So you do the math that’s about 13,000 miles, and if you look, this one’s alright, this one’s gone, and that one’s going, and then that’s the old spirit I have one of them unless spare tire down. There but you think well, that’s funky well, when I got the truck, after about three hundred miles, I got in alignment and rotated them all the tires every 3,000 miles. They’re 4,000 miles, so I turned them pretty religiously and like I got in alignment so in theory, but that tire right there has like three thirty-seconds in the middle about 5/32. This one’s got about five-thirty seconds and seven-thirty seconds on the outer edge. This one’s unusable because you are thinking, well, it’s got a lot of trig compared to these two well.

kenda klever at Review

If you look right here, you can sway this one right arm that doesn’t focus on a huge split. It’s about 14 to 16-inch long break runs about a sixteenth of the way around the tire and rendered. This tire is unusable because I all suffered this truck, and I mean, it’s just a little Dodge Dakota, but I hold stuff with this truck. I didn’t want the risk of anything running through there, or I don’t know. If it gets loaded and full of air, if this starts to pull itself out, make a balloon out, but anyways got taken off. Now I did run as I said, I had these tires on for about thirteen thousand miles. I had wheel spacers two-inch wheel spacers on here for ten thousand of those, and I don’t think that those were the culprit. Because I mean everything is still aligned. I’m going to take it to an alignment shop with these tires. Just double-check it, and I’m all throw in the description. Suppose I remember and tell you if everything’s still lined up but yeah. So far, yeah, so so far, you should be getting the idea that they’re not such right tires, oh, I mean, that’s what it is, so instead of having that tire. I had to have the quality old 15-year-old spare tire right there and throw that drove around with that. I’m sat in that corner for almost a thousand miles or wait. No, I have it about 3,000 miles. I put on that thing. I think it’s about 2,000 miles. I put on that tire, and that tire is seemed to hold traction better in the wet. We had some heavy downpours here in southeast Wisconsin. Here in the mid-end of May and driving this thing out in the rain, pretty sure that that tire would hold on this wheel, and I think this is that one there that one was sitting on that. Rotation and it would spin, and this thing’s a one wheel wonder. It always was, but if anybody who has ever owned the one wheel wonder knows that still this wheel that spins. If you look at me, there’s always rubber caked at the bottom here, and the side over here well, there’s never anything.

Because that side the light side your gas tank is where you’re up there, there’s no weight here and the fact that 15-year-old tire was holding traction better than these tires. That was about a year and three months old that’s saying something. I thought these would be the right tires, you know, they look to have pretty good tread, you see. They even have like marks for the auto market. You line that up with everything or at verses these Kelly’s, you don’t have patterns or anything, but I figured you know. They’d be pretty quiet, pretty good traction. Well, both of those are wrong. I got these Kelly’s. I’ve been running them for about a hundred miles. Now, this is the junky room. Okay, when running, these are about 100 miles .now, and all I can say is, holy cow are these the quieter. I mean, I used to roll down the highway, and I just thought it was customary to hear whistling. Because that truck you don’t hear the tires that the car you don’t hear the tires the 99 73.

That I used to drive you never heard tears on that thing because all you heard was the marble and a blender of a 7-3 more. But now these things in this truck, even though this thing’s a glass back, you can hear them. They’re just like whispers. You don’t listen to them until you get 45 miles an hour with the windows down. I mean they’re good and quiet and now as you can see. I was kind of playing in the gravel, and I’m in the dirt area and the streets. So far, his tire seems to be holding traction better in both places now. I’m not going to push it too hard because I still have these four tires in the back. So that’s extra weight you don’t lay in the bed it’s getting anyone. I do have all the tires here: the excess weight plus the exhaust system that I got to finish and hook up, but these tires. They are holding so much better, are so much quieter, and have a warranty of 50,000 miles. These have a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty these Kenda’s. The only guarantee that they offer is subjective.

What you do is you send your tire in, and they will elaborate it and tell you what it’s worth, and they’ll give you a discount on a new tire versus .these which I believe are I don’t I haven’t read into it too much this is a 50, but it’s an I know it’s a 50 thousand mile warranty. Which is pretty dang good if you look these things got some pretty good lugs versus. These Kenda’s are well just about gone there. I mean, you’re almost unaware of bars in the middle here these studies. They rated on the sidewall 44, so I was round I’m 44 to 48 psi. Your little high centered these, I’m going to make sure the door says forty Tigers rated for 51. their entry says 35, so I’m running about 40. Still, my advice for you guys is unless you need to save that extra ten bucks go for these. so far, snow performance with these Skelly’s or with these Kenda’s, it was pretty good.

kenda tires review

I buried myself in a ditch couple of times and took a little rock in, but I did get out. I buried it down to the crossbar right here. So that’s a good 10 inch, and this is snow in the ditch, which is debatably packed and or not packed these tires. As I said, I have never had a chance to test them. They read the same they are rated for there. It is, yeah, mud plus snow right there. The exact size is a canvas, but they are just a way better tire, and I’m sorry. If I’m rambling, the other thing is these Kelly’s you looked at the do to date 419 anything means it’s made 7th week of 2017 now these Candace I put them on in 2020. Just remember that I put them on in February of 2020, but if we look at it, it doesn’t say it on this one on the other tires. I believe it says they produced in their belief that they were produced in like these tires, even though I picked them up in 2017 they’re about four years old already. I mean they you can tell it nobody wants to know, and I can tell you right now the reason is that you don’t grab. They’re not quite, and you don’t last. I apologize again if I’m rambling, but my advice to you guys not to buy this kind of Kenda Klever is I don’t know eighty tires .so far, definitely go with these Kelly edges. I did run them by balancing these, as you can see, and the Irish had one tire of these Kenda’s vibrate. So far, with the Kelly’s, I’ve got a little shimmy at like 70 miles an hour, but at the same time, that was when I first put them on. I mean, they still have the seam right here. I mean, they’re this seam is it’s still there.

In my book, I don’t think that these are, then I mean, they’re not broken yet. So I’m not going to blame these guys for balancing the front ends felt flying. There and shall find nothing at all like this which you could feel. The wheel would shake and shimmy about eighth-inch and on this Dakota, a rack and pinion. You can tell when your front end is shaken but anyways, sorry for the rambles; I hope you guys enjoyed the blogs. I hope it helped you guys out. I will do my best to get a review out on these Kelly edges. I will be taking a road trip out west and about two months put in about two thousand miles on eighteen hundred miles on them. I’m going to be going off-road and all sorts of stuff and all that you know how they go. Suppose I have the time to get the blogs out if I don’t. I’m sorry, shipping for the Marine Corps in like two months, so my little trip west is my last little bit of freedom. I’m getting four years, but yeah, these tires and mud not so right. Those kenda tires look like three, and I do it a heck of a lot better but well. I hope it helped you any questions pop in the comments.

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