Best Full Grain Leather Hanks Belts Review in 2021

Hanks belts review

Best Full Grain Leather Hanks Belts Review in 2021

Hanks Belts Hand Review

Hanks belts review will be comparing two of the most popular belts from hank’s belts. Hank’s everyday belt has over 2000 reviews on Amazon, and their gunner belt has over 100 views on amazon. Their website has over 3 800 abuse on their gunner belt, which according to their website, is the belt that started it. All and the everyday belt has over 800 reviews. Both of these are extremely popular belts, and they’re pretty similar. And today, we’re going to be comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between them.


Let’s get started by looking at the online description of these two belts. I saw that there were going to be three key differences between these two belts first among them was their hardware on the everyday belt. It’s a shiny black finish, a plain belt buckle, whereas on the gunner belt is a shiny silver stainless steel finish on their buckle. It additionally has a roller that is not present on the everyday belt. Another difference that I thought there was going to be between them was online. It lists the everyday belt. As a 13 oz leather and the gunner as a 14 ounce leather for leather products, the higher the ounce number for the leather, the thicker the leather will be. One ounce approximately corresponds to 1 16 of an inch in the thickness of the leather. So I expected the gunner to be just slightly thicker than every day, which makes sense right because the gunner is meant as a utility belt to hold a holster for your gun. Whereas every day is meant to be worn, you know, every day, right so? However, once I got the belts. I realized that the everyday belt was slightly thicker than the gunner. It’s extremely hard to tell online that it’s extremely hard to tell through video and real life. It’s also kind of hard to tell, but you need to take my word for it that every day seems just slightly thicker than the gunner. So I know this also isn’t a one-off issue because I got another belt. After all, I miss-sized my belt originally, and this gunner belt is also the same thickness as the other gunner belt, which is slightly thinner than that of every day, so that’s something to note if you’re looking for a thinner belt you want to go for the gunner. It’s slightly thinner, very hard to notice. The third thing described as a difference between these two belts is the number of the hole.

So the everyday belt here has six holes, and the gunner has eight holes something that I noticed after getting these two belts is that the holes are not the same space apart. So within each belt, it’s the same spacing. So on every day here, each hole is exactly one inch apart from the other hole. That’s what they advertise on their website, but for the gunner belt, they advertise as one-inch spacing between their holes. However, if you look at the comparison between every day and the gunner, you can see that. There’s a difference in the sizing. So the sixth hole on every day only goes to the five and a half like in between the fifth and six holes in the gunner. This is very clear to tell when you put them right over each other, and then you can see the light between the first two holes, but then you can’t see anything. So you know, aside from just how the number of holes the spacing is different every day, it’s exactly one inch, and on the gunner, it’s slightly more than one inch next. Let’s go back to the hardware. So you know I knew that the color and finishing would be different, but what I wasn’t expecting was on the gunner, you see. It’s like a kind of flat riveted kind of finish, you know. Like it’s like a flat nail that you would nail in and, on the outside and the inside. There’s a space for a hex screw or a six-pointed star screw and also a flat head. So that you can remove these Chicago screws if you want to buy replacements, that you can find on their website and for the everyday .however, on both sides, there’s a kind of slot for a flathead screwdriver I don’t know if you can see that, but so that’s the difference that I wasn’t expecting I don’t prefer one over the other, but that’s just a difference that. In this thorough review of these two products, I should mention something very hard to distinguish, but let’s try to see it here. So on the gunner belt, if you look at it from like a cross-section, the edge finishing comes up all the way and maybe slightly spills over the edge finishing the edges burnished first and then dyed right.


So the edge finishing, you know it’s it gets the complete edge, and it’s very nice right, but on every day the edge finishing the dye the black dye comes up slight ever. So slightly like less than a millimeter over onto the front side of the belt. So what this does in practice is it kind of narrows the appearance of the belt and that the brown part of it is narrower than on the gunner. So every day, therefore, looks slightly slimmer than the gunner, and maybe this is part of what makes it you know more. Every day you know it’s really hard to notice even in person, but like looking at it, you probably can’t tell online, but you know it’s subtle but there and then for their sizing guide. I followed their sizing guide exactly for the everyday belt, and it was exactly as they said the belt. What I normally wear is 34 inches from the buckle to the hole. I normally use it, and they said that it would be 34 inches from the buckle to the third hole, which is exactly the case right, and then so I followed the same guide I thought. since I was a 34 every day, I would be a 34 on the gunner. However, that was not the case, as you can see. Online, the guide says that the gunner would be 34 inches from the buckle to the fourth hole, right the buckle to the fourth hole; however, that was not the case with the screw. Because the holes are wider apart placed on the gunner than every day the third screw, the third hole on the gunner is halfway between the third and fourth holes. So actually, I need to size one up on the gunner to get the correct sizing. So take that into account if you’re buying these belts and then another question that I thought. I might answer, buying do you buy from them or do you buy it from amazon right, and I would say if you’re buying for the first time and don’t know what size you’re going to end up with or what style you like and you want to buy. you know, two or three different belts, and you’re probably going to return one of them. Then I would say go with amazon because it’s a lot simpler to return on Amazon. So here are the two packages that I got for both of these belts. So this is the one that I got directly from hank’s belts, as you can see you know. It’s just a standard package. I ripped it open, you know there’s nothing to it, and then here’s the package. I got it from amazon. You know it tears open perforated edge, and then there’s an adhesive. I can remove and then put the belt back in and close it up and return it to amazon if the fit’s not right.


So Amazon has kind of thought of all this in their kind of packaging. I can go to an ups store, scan the QR code, and automatically print out my return label and put it on my package. Whereas for the one that I bought directly from hank’s belts. I’m going to have to print out the shipping label myself and find a new bag because this one, you know, or I’ll have to seal this bag again. So yeah, if you plan on returning any of them, I’ll probably buy from amazon. There’s no difference in the shipping times. So I have amazon prime, and it was two-day shipping both with prime and directly from hank’s belt. So I was very surprised with the speed of the delivery directly from hank’s belts, and, if you buy from hank’s belts, there are usually almost always promo codes that you can use for ten off. I’ll display some of them out. On the screen right now, you know this is probably the cut that Amazon would have taken anyway. So hank spells are passing those savings directly on to you as a consumer. And that’s something that I appreciate. So yeah, all in all, I would say you definitely can’t go wrong with either of these belts, so going into it. I wanted a thicker belt because, you know, I kind of like the idea of having a thick belt, right. It’s rugged. It’ll last for a long time, but when I got it in practice, every day was a bit too thick. In my opinion, you know when it overlaps in the front. It was kind of bulbous and looked kind of inappropriate in some settings, and you know I’m not wearing holsters on my belts; I’m just a software engineer, .so the everyday kind of ended up being a little bit too thick in my opinion .so actually the fact that the gunner was thinner ended up being a plus .so I’m going to end up keeping the 36 the size 36 gunner belt. I’ll return the 34 every day and the 34 gunners. I was initially attracted to the black hardware on the everyday. Still, I talked to some of my friends, and they said the silver hardware on the gunner looks better, which probably makes sense. Because mostly you see brown paired with silver hardware, so you know most people probably know.


What they’re doing and so this is probably since this is more iconic and classic this is probably. What I’ll keep, but when I bought the gunner, I bought it. I preferred the gunner initially because it had eight but eight holes instead of six. You know you can always punch more holes after the fact, but I was afraid of not making it smooth or even, and I would always prefer. It did from the factory, so you know why I prefer the gunner every day because of the hardware. You know I initially wanted black hardware with a roller. So that would be 20 extra bucks from the hank’s belt website, and you can get you to know black Chicago screws to replace. These silver ones, and then you can get a black roller buckle, you know that’s what I was going to do, but since my friends like the Silver better so I’m just going to keep the Silver and keep it stock as is. If I feel the need to switch out the hardware in the future, I can do so for the low price of 20 bucks, you know. I don’t predict that I’ll ever have to buy another belt shortly. Thanks again for watching this product comparison video between two of the most popular belts from hank’s belts. Normally I review more tech oriented on this channel, but I was looking to buy a belt for myself, and I did a lot of research and thought I could pass that knowledge onto you Guys.

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