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Get knot out Review

it’s the Knot out ultimate pet grooming tool .we’ve got two cats and a dog. actually um one of the cats has long fluffy fur. .so this thing is supposed to be like you comb your pet. You know, a fluffy dog, that golden retriever, you know husky anything with long hair also supposed to work for cats. As soon as you get the knot, you push the button, and there’s like clippers inside that’s supposed to cut the knot out. So I’m going to grab hold of Kirby, the fluffy cat, and we’ll see if this thing works. Okay, so now I’ve got chirpy here, and we try to do an excellent job of brushing them, but we’ve been slacking lately. So he’s got some knots, so the trick of this thing is you touch it’s supposed to be when you forget a lot.

I can’t even see I’m getting a lot supposed to push the button supposed just to cut it right out. He hates it. We did try just taking the Clippers, and I held him down while my wife clipped some knots out. Yeah does kind of work trouble is you get someone acid. So close together that doesn’t do very good on the thick one, that’s for sure is some working. So I’m going to give this more of a try here on my own. I’ll shut the camera off, and I’ll let you know a little bit more what I think after I’ve had some more time. Yeah, well, it’s doing the trick. One thing my batteries are dead um I had to steal these from my stepson’s walkie-talkie. So I’m not sure exactly how much juice they had. I’m hoping it’s just the batteries I did find that the brush the comb. I could brush them and get a lot of knots ou.t so I guess my next step is to get some more batteries and keep trying. So far, it’s a little better than the wire brush that we use; this is good for general upkeep, but once he starts getting those knots, I thought his whiter teeth are doing the trick. He eventually came to like it the one trick that I just discovered haphazardly; um, he was eating food, and I just started using this on him. Once he had had his fill and the batteries were dead, he means loved it. He was rolling over on his side and nuzzle up against my hand, another good thing to do.

knot out brush and others

If you’re using it just like a comb or using the Clippers, either way, you want to get your hands like, say, this hair when you snag on a knot. Here is attached to his body. You want to get your hands underneath the comb so that as you’re pulling a little bit, you’re securing that so you’re not pulling on its skin .so is it the best tool in the world for the job? It is probably not something that could potentially help you out if you try to do this on your own. I think it is like I said if nothing else find it: it’s got these whiter teeth on it and you can save yourself some money .okay well I got brand new batteries motor is pretty weak I think that’s the problem thing binds up the pretty quick final judgment would I recommend this tool. I have a comb for getting in there and getting into the mats and knots and pulling them out excellent tonight at 10.

I would recommend it for that the ability to cut the mats out not. So much I was at Walmart getting the batteries, I looked for a comb that looks like this I wasn’t able to find one. So I’ll probably keep it around for that works just fine one until you hit a knob, but once you get that knot and hit the button, especially the way that right pee gets all tangled up. It’s no good, but he does tolerate a lot better than he endured me grabbing him by the scruff for the neck and trying to pet him and keep him calm. My wife took the Clippers to him. so you know something to be said for that too. I could get a lot more matted hair out of him in one sitting than my wife, and I was able to do with me holding him and her getting the Clippers. So you know that in itself has probably worth the money. So this may be the problem with the motor; this is all hair. I don’t know how well you can see that this is one spot here that I cleared the hair off.

dog knot out boy

So, I will finish cleaning this off and see if the motor will run better because you’re not running well now. Okay, on here is after clean-out looking pretty good that’s all the hair that was wrapped around it basically how this thing works is when you catch on a knot. It’s hoping that some of the hair gets right here in each of these are the blades. So if I hold this down where the back cover was, by the way, all I did was take the back cover off here, hold these down and push the button suddenly that suckers spinning like there isn’t any tomorrow. So yeah, it’s quite a bit of maintenance to have to do after one little try using it, but At least I know I can fix it. My wife yelled at me for using the good tweezers, and now she put the crappy ones up, even another thing that may have been causing trouble with the motor. Those two little buttons I was are right here underneath this plastic piece, which is loose, so maybe try pushing down hard on the top if you’re having trouble or don’t buy this, and just for good measure and your chirpies littermate and brother goat some name. Because he’s got this black goatee on his chin that you can’t see.

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