Engrave it pro review 2021. Does Engrave It Pro Really Work?

Engrave it PRO REVIEW

Engrave it pro review

Engrave it PRO REVIEWEngrave it PRO REVIEW

Hello guys and welcome back with another a seen on television product today. I have for you this one it is called and grab it pro we’re about to engrave a whole bunch of stuff. I found at the Dollar Tree I went nuts that infomercial said I could engrave glass. I can engrave mirrors and silver and all kinds of stuff they said I could pretty much engrave anything they also said if you can’t identify your stuff, it’s gonna be tough for you to get it back. If you lend your neighbour a screwdriver and then you go over there and try to get it back, they’re gonna be like your name ain’t on this. This is mine, and then you’re gonna go Nah turn it around cuz I engraved it with my and Gravatt pro they also engraved keys now. I would not recommend you engrave your keys to say my home front door home key back door don’t do that’s not the smartest thing to do. I wouldn’t do that but some code word on there but don’t specify your home back door there’s not that smart.t if somebody could get that key and just that was kind of silly in the infomercial there tried too hard to give you a lot of examples, and I’ve got a lot of things. We can engrave don’t do your keys the second thing in that infomercial that I’m going it skipped out is the personalized expensive electronics. If you ever need to sell that I take it to the pawnshop, they’re going to be like ma’am your name, and your name is in calligraphy right here in front sorry ma’am it’s gonna be hard trying to sell this MacBook Pro with Vivian engraved in the font you lost. Your laptop’s value is just my professional opinion you do whatever the hell you want. Still, I’m hand unless you find another Vivian to sell that laptop to forget about it. If you have an edge to a baby in your laptop, my words like 1995 come with a bonus replacement tip, okay so you’re going to get two little tips it comes with three stencils and the secret sauce. The powerful diamond-coated tip, mmm we all want, means not all of us but many us I do. They also mention in the infomercial that this powerful diamond coated tip is gentle enough to be rubbed on this is my terminology. Still, you can rub it on a balloon, and it’s not going to pop your balloon. We have to test that claim you’re telling me that I’m gonna be able to etch all this stuff and it’s gentle enough not to pop this balloon. I’m gonna test it the better not popping my face it’s all like crazy at the Dollar Tree and load all the.

Engrave pen

 I bought got this little engrave pen to engrave my nephew’s name on it they said in the infomercial that you can make mommy gifts. It’s not for my kid, but you can make Auntie gifts look at this Christmas decor snow globe. I do not personalize it; hopefully, it doesn’t bust open look at this Kate thing. I’m gonna personalize it for the bride you cheap because that’s what your friends are gonna say hey you cheap mofo but all that engrave. It away all my Christmas gifts the right year so if you’re my family get out of my video cuz, you can see your Christmas present. Mom dad sister brother niece and nephew daughter. I even thought it would be fun to buy one of these generic dollar tree perfumes and engrave. The bottle right that’s a good gift idea. I’m gonna give you guys all kinds of Christmas gift ideas that you can engrave with this, and then you can be a cheapskate and then give everybody a cheap-ass present, but they’re personalized. So it looks like you went above and beyond the dollar, you spent I even bought a can of soda because you know in the office people be taking out of the fridge and maybe even theirs. After all, your new coworker is drinking that nice cold soda you can be like. I believe that says MFP on it those are my initials. I’m the professional why are you drinking my soda pop you see with this if you can identify it you can retrieve it. The infomercial even said and my best idea ever I got some rocks, and I’m going to engrave these with extraordinary words, and then I’m going to sell them on the Internet.

Professional engraving

We just started a rock selling business google a rock engraved with inspiring words like your beautiful sexy I love you Vivian looking all excited. I cannot wait to engrave everything in the house Lou here are the stencils those are all the words. I’m putting on these rocks I’m gonna sell for $5.99. I’m about to open up that Etsy store I’ve been trying to open because I made rocks tell me what you want on your rock. Here is the actual engraving tool we do need two double-a batteries feels count cheap feels very cheap this as seen on television product is actually not priced too badly. It’s only 10 bucks to install the battery you’re going to okay unscrew the two pieces see if it works it works always wear protective eye gear why when engraving wash hands immediately after use they have a section for the dum-dums and as-sunnah. that is a dum-dum I added that part there saying do not engrave your CDs or DVDs because that should be you’re not gonna be able to watch that DVD anymore okay just a lot of common sense. If you do it, what you get don’t do is attach the magnifier if needed magnifier not included listen. I get it a lot of you guys have been telling me in the comments Vivian they have to make money the stores that sell it gotta make money they can’t give you all the add-ons you get when you order directly from them. I got you to boo but what I’m saying is don’t tell me about it in the instructions you’re telling me to attach the magnifier. I don’t get the magnifier so now you plan on my heart teasing me that I didn’t get all my that. I got suckered I’m going to be really careful and take my loss first thing we will engrave this beautiful china that. I bought at the Dollar Tree this could be a great gift for a bride, or maybe when you’re taking a plate to like a party or something you can go that’s my plate, it has my name engraved right across the front mm-hmm hey a dollar is a dollar okay go oh it doesn’t stay on like you have to hold the button the entire time in growth Pro people do you guys have a suggestion box I’d like to suggest that the button stays on. So that I can concentrate on engraving my stuff instead of pushing the button the entire time to maybe a dozen Eric Lord listen that infomercial made. It seems like my calligraphy is gonna be beautiful, it’s not maybe – it’s ugly now that’s ugly no they’re gonna say that my home right that six-year-olds Vivian that’s not cute. We’re gonna do just a heart like your husband he’s gonna knock in that bedroom door and go seriously .what the hell are you doing okay so far on China. I’m not impressed at all maybe gonna hold it real like firm ready. My China was a fail; let’s do this the basketball. I’m gonna have to hold it really close to me let’s see. I knew I ruined the present I wasn’t impressed with that either. Let’s go to this in that infomercial they said for the bride as a present, so we’re gonna say bride right that’s what you are saying these things you write bride there it is. I mean it isn’t enjoyable, but I mean is etching something on there. If you gave this to the bride she was slapping your mouth I’m like take your damn. Dollar Tree gift away with that damaged thing okay now .let’s try so far everything has failed hopefully my rock business is gonna take off after this I’m scared. Let’s do it mm-hmm there you go mm-hmm that’s now $9.99. please cuz I personalized it I think that with a little bit of practice you can go ahead and grab your tools not so much electronics or gifts in your garage that nobody cares about it can look like your nephew engrave. That for you but nothing else because how embarrassing all right on glass were creative friends personalized. Let’s engrave our Dollar Tree perfume is a knockoff of Ralph Lauren Blue by Ralph Lauren the Dollar Tree has mastered knocking off these perfumes because that’s dead-on.

Engrave-it pro

A baby heart right there this might be one of like the worst. I’ve seen on television products I’ve tried I mean it works it’s not what it looks like an infomercial the office supplies of your own desk in the infomercial. That person was using this engraver freehand, and that was beautiful, I mean you would have thought a computer edged it on there not a human just freehand you can even make creative designs look you can kind of see my rows in there. Do you see it let’s try the frame because I want to give it to the bride for the next beautiful wedding; nothing so far has looked as nice as that infomercial. I have a couple of questions in that infomercial because freehand was that computer-animated did you use a different tool than this one for the infomercial. I’m just asking let’s try to engrave at this beautiful steak knife set that you got from the Dollar Tree because the handle here is made out of wood. I don’t think we tried anything out of wood beautiful; no, you messed up my new steak knives.

Everything is kind of like okay put that in the garage don’t show anybody that everybody’s getting invited to parties for the holidays. Let’s try this and see how we can ruin it for this one I’m gonna try to engrave it in cursive because in the infomercial you guys saw the beautiful cursive not so much there. You guys my beautiful artwork what do you think hell’s to the note if you need to identify some tools in the garage cool buy this for 10 bucks not even. I would buy this flight $5.99 now let’s try the little rock stones that I bought from the Dollar Tree these better work there’s a whole Etsy business plan behind these how am. I gonna make my millions of you’re selling me cheap-ass tools like this look at that that one’s not bad huh could I sell that on Etsy how much should I charge. I think the stones are the only thing that I liked the most disappointing thing about this thing. It looks nothing like the infomercial made it look so beautiful don’t ruin birthday presents with this or nothing electronics hail no you better not. I think you could probably do the same with like a knife and you know itch that into something I’m kind of embarrassed of my art, but it wasn’t my fault it was the tool that I was using a sucked. So I’m gonna give the engrave it pro one Vivian had alright you guys, so that is it for another Vivian tries. I hope that you have enjoyed this video if you have given it a big fat thumbs up for me in the comments down below let me know. If you have seen a cool-ass Yunnan television product that you think I should try and it might get featured in an upcoming episode. If you’re new to the channel, subscribe I’m putting out one to two videos every week for your entertainment don’t forget to show the video with your family and friends. I’ll see you guys in the next one bye wait a second you guys probably thought I forgot about the balloon I did, but we’re back. So I can try the balloon because this will pop this balloon, and I’m going to be pissed, but I’m going to do it for you guys.

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