Continental terrain contact a t review 2021


Continental terrain contact a t

Continental terrain contact a t review

Hello everybody turns our TV to give you another review on something a little different, but it is a truck tire continental terrain contact. It’s a considered an all-terrain tire 80 you can see the tread pattern there this is on my 2010 Ford f-150 and kind of see a little bit of the profile there a little bit of the shape on the back. There is a stock tire size 275 65 18s this is also AP metric tire that’s on 2020 upon 50 once again brand-new brand new tire. I think pretty new tire all-terrain tire for Continental I’ve had pretty good luck with their SUV and car tires before my wife’s Mazda cx-5 is running a Continental Tire and it’s performing flawlessly. So when these came to the market. I figured I’d give it a try so P metric a lot of guys running LT tires on f-150s this is a four-wheel-drive vehicle this is my daily driver. So I didn’t want to go the light truck tire out. I’ve had pretty good luck with just the P metrics before and in both the tire before this. I had the Michelin LT x 82 which was a pretty good tire roll right highway tire pretty good it’s about a tire situation. I was impressed with it except for the mileage I didn’t get the mileage out of it. I rotated every five to six thousand miles on the truck, and once again, it’s my daily driver. So I did haul a little bit with it, and I only got I want to say 4045 46,000 miles which aren’t bad, but I was spending a little bit more mileage out of them before they were shot entirely .so here I am with these so far they look good it’s a P metric tire so I am aware of the but here’s the deal it’s a pretty robust tire. I’m random on thee load ranges randomly on 2500 and 3500 series trucks before just because they need that strength on them more muscular tire stronger ties stronger sidewall, it’s slightly better. I don’t want to say better construction tire just a more robust tire on those more giant trucks hauling those more oversized loads so perspective tire in a continental train contact. The P metric on this truck right now is 41 pounds if I moved up to that. I won load I’m bumming up to 58 pounds per tire that are the weight, not the pressure the weight so right now this P metric weighs in about 41 pounds once again.If I move it up to the even 158 pounds, I couldn’t justify that for my daily driver.

Continental terrain contact a/t

So I could have probably got another tire and an extra. I think it’s an XL load range, but I wanted to try the terrain contact. Hopefully, they don’t let me down I like the look of them it looked pretty good on the truck but I just the sidewall flex and it’s just I’ve noticed this side was not as robust, but that’s what you get out of pea metric. So it’s pretty good once again these are brand new tires background on the truck. It is sitting on it is sitting Oh yep you see it they’re just sitting on those bad boys excellent shocks a little bit stiffer ride but uh special surprises oh that’s the background on it. I didn’t fully level this truck when you get these shocks you can adjustable, not fully adjustable like Ranchos, where you can adjust the firmness. Still, you can adjust the height before you install, so I think they have four settings on there. You can change it once you put the assembly on and it’s on the second set from the lowest setting is only M right the second setting. I believe it is a little bit higher. I can’t remember the exact dimensions. I think the third setting is to level the third or fourth settings level. I can’t remember anyways I’m babbling on it, but it’s on the second set right now .so you can I back up here see my driveway slanted, but it’s not relatively level it did raise the front end a little bit.

So I didn’t want to level my truck because uh I do haul things with it in its bed, so I wouldn’t say I like the front end to sit higher then. This rear if I put some weight in the back, so that’s the reason I didn’t level anyways back to the tires continental terrain context bad another front pretty good-looking tire. I’ll say my wife’s trying to get my wife’s car in there but pretty gorgeous tire um we’ll see how they hold it. I didn’t know many people rocking these just because they are new to the market, but they do have a 60,000-mile rating on them so there you have it there’s a sidewall nothing fancy 116 T, and there you go the standard load. So there you have it. I will be giving you updates as I go along, but these tires are brand spanking new a little bit right now. But I just wanted something that wasn’t too aggressive but could get me out of some situations. If I let’s present it if they were introduced to me so once again, it’s the four-wheel-drive 2010 f150 5.4 litres pretty right track. I’m pretty happy with it that’s a pretty good workhorse, so it’s not an EcoBoost, but you know what hey I like it. I’m not a fan of some of the newer technology they’re putting in all these vehicles, but that’s a whole different story like naturally aspirated vehicles. I do all my work, so we start putting all those extra components on the cars it gets a little bit more complicated. I’m familiar with turbo setups and had turbo cars so not that huge of an issue, but my daily driver not bad anyways stay tuned just another review. I thought I’d shoot out to you guys if anyone else is rocking these tires and let me know how you like them let me know how many miles you put on and let me know. If they are the light truck or the standard load I want to see, I think many people are getting confused, so I see many reviews. I think I see the reviews on the light truck version. so I did not want to put that kind of weight the additional weight on this vehicle that’s rotating mass, but I think for f150 will hit my gas mileage critical metrics for me. We’ve got a boat that we haul around so not too far, but you know. If I need to our air them up max is 44 psi I’ll hand them up as needed if I see the need to want to call that boat and go there anyway. I’m rambling let you get back to it, but terrain contact looks pretty sharp alright guys we’ll see you.

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