bridgestone dueler h l 422 ecopia review 2021 | Should i buy them?

bridgestone dueler h l 422 ecopia

bridgestone dueler h/l 422 ecopia

bridgestone dueler h/l 422 ecopia reviews

bridgestone dueler h/l 422 ecopia reviews

Put another tire review today on the rack. We’ve got two 35 55 20 Bridgestone dueler h l 422 ecopia plus .okay a little bit about ecopia. Bridgestone’s fuel-saving tire is okay to replace the old Euler HL. I believe pea Copiah the fuel-saving tire and Mabel’s Road economic and eco-friendly products like I said Bridgestone is the Japanese company originating they do make some of their tires overseas. The most them right here right there Bridgestone’s head office the Nashville Tennessee and these tires are made in the USA try to find the deal T’s in a secondary. This tire here sidewall is kind of simple, very similar to the fires from that bar 710 sidewall, so a little boring on the sidewall; okay, this dot let’s go around this rack thing right there, guys. So last year, the fourth week, we started about a year old it’s over a year old when they’re made, but they’re still would then affect respects to put them. On this tire and the Firestone airpower, 7 and 10 have very similar tread pattern. It’s going to block tread pattern perfect everyday mom pod tire they ride well to see this .oh we a lot of vehicles okay these little blocks and grooves here help to do with road-noise, and it depends very well. Bridgestone is a very, very well made product. I suggest that if you’re looking to buy a set of tires that you do because they’ll be priced very, very well. These are going on a pathfinder and like. I said Bridgestone competes head-to-head with Continental and all those other brands, so if you want to go and buy a Bridgeston Tire. There on a non-fire, so right now, price-wise, same company and the ride well it’s got the lateral tread pattern. So very straight grooves here; these straight grooves here help reduce the road noise. So get it to our tires are right very well. You got any questions to message me below; follow up using pinterest until your implants .okay guys, make sure you do that. Bristow new ecopia put Bridgestone dueler h l 422 ecopia for 22 plus a great tire put them on.

bridgestone – dueler h/l 422 ecopia (eco) review

Review on the dueler tires; these are 20-inch tires on a 13 Dodge Ram, but they work on trucks, SUVs, midsize SUVs, vans, etc., eighty thousand mile warranty tires, and again they’re Bridgestone dueler they’ve got about two thousand miles on them. Now I had several sets over the years, all your major brands except. I’ve never owned Bridgestone, so I saw the commercials I read reviews, I talked to some tire people, and I thought .okay we’d give them a try; well, to my surprise, these Bridgestone’s outperform .what they claim I mean these are the best tires I’ve ever had the ride comfort is incredible the noise is almost none the handling in the range is outstanding. They stay planted on the ground and corners and turns. I mean, it’s just almost unbelievable. I thought their commercials and stuff were just marketing height, and I didn’t have many expectations. Still, I thought I’d give them a try, and then I thought well, they’re going to be $300 tires. Because they’re 80,000-mile warranties all that was wrong first of all, they’re not even remotely close to $300 if you take the twelve different tires that are recommended for this vehicle. I think they were the fourth from the lowest price, so they’re low-to-mid their middle-low range in the price can’t give you an exact price because that in various places but mid 150 160 and there’s usually some rebates somewhere in that area the actual stock tires that come on this from .the factory are more than that. They don’t last near as good, and they’re they roll whenever you go into corners, so I am very impressed with this five star way handling and wet and dry conditions going around corners; they don’t roll or shudder. It’s a perfect tire well worth the money, and The warranty is pretty good too, .so these are Bridgestone dueler x,’ and I’d give them five stars and recommend them highly.

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